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About this project

This new collection of work utilises the broadest range of materials and techniques yet. Bringing together Walnut alongside glass and silver pieces, and experimentation with bespoke materials such as chopsticks. Oxidised silver lines feature alongside colour, layers and bright and dark and bright compositions.


£38 — £498


Materials, colour, placement, order, shape, form, necklace, earrings, brooches, stacking




Wood, Mixed Media, Precious metal, Plastics, Glass
Yellow stacked Walnut and bamboo brooch
Photographer: Rachel Butlin
A colourful brooch in turquoise and yellow with walnut and oxidised silver. Handmade oxidised silver frameworks capture detail within layered elements. The brooch fitting is handmade in silver with a steel pin.
Enamel and Bamboo statement ring
Photographer: Rachel Butlin
A bold and red enamel ring, with a striking structure formed from silver and enamelled using traditional techniques. The enamel surface is also layered with slices of bamboo and oxidised structure.
Five part statement silver and bamboo necklace
Photographer: Rachel Butlin
A statement necklace with five walnut sections featuring silver, enamel and bamboo. Silver inlay details contrast bold bamboo slices, complimented with a bespoke handmade chain.
Geometric walnut necklace
Photographer: Rachel Butlin
A minimalist square shaped pendant in walnut with tiny silver inlayed dots, turquoise enamel detail and bespoke handmade chain. Hand cut and sanded for a smooth finish.
Walnut and red stripe brooch
Photographer: Rachel Butlin
A striking brooch featuring turquoise enamel alongside red melamine and walnut. Oxidised frameworks explore line and layout with silver elements bring together bespoke materials. The brooch fitting is handmade in silver with a steel pin.

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