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Ruth Gilbert

Weaver and textile historian

Huddersfield, West Yorkshire


cloth, wool, weaving


I weave cloth for clothing, curtains and furnishing, also small items and historical replicas. Most of my work is in wool, but I also use linen. I do not make silk yardage, although I use silk for scarves.

I welcome commissions for cloth and will research for historical projects. My standard designs of bags and scarves can be made in many colours and styles to order. I am always happy to discuss new ideas.

I also teach spinning and weaving at all levels as modern and historical crafts.


Time to tidy the workshop

11 Jan 2017
Having finished vaious jobs I'm at that point where the sensible thing to do is tidy and sort. The huge table I've had for 35 years has got woodworm - how? - and will get sawn up for firewood so a workshop reorganisation may be in order too.

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