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Coffee Set

About this project

This lovely little coffee set celebrates locally grown, sustainable British hardwoods using Cherry from Hexham, sycamore from Jesmond and Ash from Ashington. Finished with organic Linseed oil and beeswax this product is not just a display item and if cared for properly, will last for a life time.

Wood sourced: Cherry - Hexam, Northumberland, Ash - Ashington, Northumberland, Sycamore - Jesmond, Newcastle

Dimensions aprox: Mug - 115mm x 70mm, Saucer - 140mm x 15mm, Spoon - 140mm x 30mm


£16 — £70


Woodturning, coffee, spoon, spooncarving, mug, handmade, coffeeset, cherry, ash, sycamore


Wood, Design



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