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Spiral Stair

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About this project

Inspired by drawings of a stone staircase, this theme was expanded to explore the movement created by curves and spirals and the contrast created with textures and colour. The forms began as open simple platters but have developed to be more enclosed forms with the rims becoming cut away to be more sculptural than functional. The forms need to be rotated by the viewer and this in turn results in the experience being both visual and tactile.


£150 — £1200


Wood, Wood


Spiral Stair 2
Photographer: Julie Dearden
Sycamore 'green' turned thin walled vessel with pyrography, metal leaf, acrylic colour and applied texture. 125mm x 120mm
Spiral Stair 1
Photographer: Julie Dearden
Platter turned from English maple with surface decoration - pyrography, metal leaf, acrylic colour and applied textures. Size: 300mm x 60mm

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