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British designer jeweller

Shrewsbury, Shropshire


British, Jewellery, large scale


£35 — £235


Saloukee’s British designer Sarah Kelly experiments with unusual materials to handcraft elegant jewellery with a twist. Sarah always wanted to shake up the jewellery industry and started out by working in paper, moving more recently to natural materials such as cotton and flint. She continues to explore her passion for jewellery design by integrating new materials in her designs with one philosophy: remain true to materials.


'A gift of an evening' - NEW jewellery making at home, best enjoyed with friends.

29 Sep 2017
You can now make your very own Saloukee statement necklace, in the comfort of your own home! Introducing our all new wellness concept which is an infinitely indulgent, most definitely grown up, girls night in!

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05 May 2017
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UK jewellery brand Saloukee launches online and in store at Anthropologie U.S.

04 Apr 2016
Saloukee has launched a collection of UK made pieces, in to one of the U’S’s most renowned lifestyle brands, Anthropologie. Founder Sarah Kelly said “Having my jewellery represented by a store supporting independent designers is a dream come true!"

Available for commissions



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