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The New Craftsmen Collections

About this project

Silvia has been working with the New Craftsmen since 2014. She’s created various limited collections and one off commissions. Next new collection will be available in October 2016.


commissions, bespoke, exclusive

Slip casted in terracotta, hand painted with coloured slips.
Large vessel
Photographer: The New Craftsmen
Large vessel press moulded into a case mould. Decorated with coloured slip stripes. Leather handle. H 35 cm W 30 cm
Bowl with one leather handle
Photographer: The New Craftsmen
Press moulded in terracotta and decorated with slip and sgraffito.
Photographer: The New Craftsmen
Hand rolled terracotta platter with coloured slip and leather handle.
Large bowl
Photographer: The New Craftsmen
Hand pressed into drop out mould with painted slip and leather handles. W 50 cm H 7 cm

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Disciplines Ceramics, Pottery, Design
Materials Ceramics

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March San Francisco Collection

Disciplines Ceramics, Pottery
Materials Ceramics