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Arts Council England Research Funding

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About this project

In 2014/15 I was awarded Arts Council England funding for visual research into Neolithic and Bronze Age sites in the Orkneys. A long held ambition, I visited the Ness of Brodgar, where amazing artefacts, dwellings and constructions are found in ongoing excavations. The imagery and drawings from this research fed into glass and enamel constructions. At Skara Brae I was particularly interested in the vulnerability of the site to the sea, and looking down into the dwelling places of 4,500 years ago


£900 — £3000


site, Bronze Age, Glass, enamels, archaeology, Arts Council England, orkney, ness of brodgar, excavation


Glass, Printing, Conceptual


Glass, Mixed Media
Keepsake [Detail] 150cm x 50cm
Photographer: Susan Kinley
Interlocking shapes contain fragments of fired imagery - lichens, stone, sea, land and loch.
Home - Interlocking horizontal glass structure, 50cm x 50cm x 15cm
Photographer: Rob Jewel
'Home' echoes the structure of Neolithic chambered cairns on Orkney. Sites are often open to the sky. This glasswork is translucent, and changes when viewed from different angles. Elements of archaeology and sea are juxtaposed, a three dimensional natural light box of imagery.

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