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Nested bowls

About this project

A new technique using a new core saving tool. Each bowl is taken from the inside of the larger one creating a set of nested bowls from a single piece of timber. Using a curved blade a solid core is cut from the inside of the larger bowl instead of using a bowl gouge and turning the wood into shavings as is usually the case. A far less wasteful technique with impressive results.


£200 — £500


Nested bowls, centre saver, Spalted Beech




Spalted Beech Nested bowls
Photographer: A J Fortune
From a halved section of beech tree branch a core is taken from the inside of the larger bowl and then returned to the lathe to make a pair of nesting bowls with continuous grain patterning. It is possible to make nests of 2, 3, or 4+ bowls from 1 piece of timber

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