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Spalted Beech Hollow Form

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About this project

A 12" Spalted Beech Hollow form made from a slice from a 25" section of tree trunk. The section of tree trunk is then cut vertically through the centre and each half can be made into a separate piece. The outside of the form is then shaped freehand on the lathe using a bowl gouge. The piece is then reverse turned and hollowed freehand using a TCT cutter on the tip of a curved tool. Each piece takes around 6 hours to complete and is finished with Tung oil and wood wax.


£100 — £400


Hollow Form, spaltied beech, beech, bowl turning, wood turning, wooden bowl, hollow vessel, vessel




Photographer: Andy Fortune
A large hollow form made from a split section of 25
Spalted Beech nest of bowls
Photographer: A J Fortune
A nest of 3 bowls each taken from the inside of the other. Although Beech is a relatively plain timber the Spalting, a fungal infection of the wood, enhances the look of this piece.
Spalted Beech nested bowls
Photographer: A J Fortune
A set of 3 nested bowls made from a single piece of Spalted Beech
Photographer: A J Fortune
The section of timber that this bowl was made from already had a split so I decided to do the leather stitching before I made the bowl
Photographer: A J Fortune
This small pot was turned end-grain as an experiment. The usual European method of turning is to cut across the grain but you can get some different grain patterns by using the timber in different configuraions. Again this piece split after I'd finished it but has been enhanced with the addition of leather thong.

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