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Wood shavings lighting installations and tests

About this project

Various exhibition installations and tests using wood shavings and light.
The result of three years of experimentation and testing to create a new material which is only currently being used by myself.. ( World First)


£400 — £2000


interiors, lighting, installations


Design, Technology, Wood


tunnel made from wood shavings instalation.
Photographer: tom philipson
tower of wood shavings
Photographer: tom philipson
3,000 wood shavings set together to form a column which projects light onto the ceiling
projected patterns of light. 2017
Photographer: tom philipson
test for projections of light through wood shavings in studio.
cast out patterns from illuminated wood shavings structures. 2016
Photographer: tom philipson
test to see the different shapes of patterns thrown out through wood shavings.
Photographer: patrick philipson

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Disciplines Wood, Furniture
Materials Wood

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Disciplines Wood, Design, Furniture
Materials Wood, Ceramics