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The Ark

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About this project

Sterling silver and silver-gilt, gold and coloured diamonds. Inspired by the story of Noah. 140mm long, 100mm high. Giraffes, lions, elephant, dolphins and dove are cast , they sit above ‘holds’ that are boxes containing jewellery. The hull is raised and fabricated. The whole piece was designed to display as large a range of silversmithing and jewellery skills as possible in one piece.


The Ark, silver jewellery box, silver sculpture


Silversmithing, Jewellery


Precious metal, Gems
The Ark
Photographer: Trevor Forrester
Sterling silver and gold interactive jewellery box
The Ark
Photographer: Trevor Forrester
The Ark allows for interactive discovery of hidden compartments
Elephant ring
Photographer: Trevor Forrester
Contained inside The Ark is a cocktail ring in the form of an elephant, cast and fabricated from white, rose and yellow gold with various coloured diamonds.
The Ark - detail
Photographer: Trevor Forrester
Detail of one of one of the 'ships holds', a pair of lions sit on top of the box which contains a pair of earrings.
The Ark -further details
Photographer: Trevor Forrester
As The Ark is explored further more compartments become apparent.

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