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About this project

I produce a range of unique jewellery pieces, including bangles, neckpieces and rings, that use colour and texture to add intrigue and individuality to each design. The colours are achieved using a personally developed and patented process for patinating pewter with nature’s hues of dusk and dawn. I aim to make the wearer feel special and empowered through creating statement pieces that work both in harmony and contrast to the body’s forms.


£50 — £250


sculptural jewellery, individual design


Jewellery, Metal work, Design, Silversmithing


Metal, Mixed Media
Photographer: Andy Payne
a range of bangles made from textured and coloured pewter
Photographer: Dominic Brandi
golden coloured pewter hand ornament with highly polished edges to add a flash of light when the hand moves. The ring fits over two fingers.
Precious Pewter
Gilded and patinated Pewter collar with amethyst, peridot, apatite

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