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Myths and legends

About this project

Inspirations are myths and legends from foreign countries, songs and short stories.


£120 — £2500


narrative, myths and legends, jewellery




Mixed Media, Precious metal, Textiles, Gems, Glass, Organic Material
Hommage for Mary Shelley
Photographer: Christian Kaiser
The view is the secret back: a Victorian doll, old glass beads (crocheted), lava sand, locks of hair, bone skull, scripts, lace and pearls, symbolising part of Mary Shelley's turbulent life before even 24, when she wrote Dr Frankenstein.On the front side which is Sterling silver, quotes of Mary Shelley are etched in and oxidised. The necklace is consists of crocheted glass beads and Onyx.
Soldier, soldier, won't you marry me
Photographer: Christian Kaiser
Brooch; Victorian pin cushion including pins, Sterling silver, etched and oxidised, tiny metal pins from around 1890
Photographer: Ulli Kaiser
Necklace about a nordic Shaman. Sterling silver, 1920s vintage glass beads (crocheted), Fish hide, Victorian porcelain doll, Agate beads

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