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Beyond Words

About this project

Objects from the clearance of my Mother’s house were placed in new contexts in order to explore the meaning we give to objects and also to comment on the lives of women in the mid 20th century. As I searched to define their meaning I became interested in the idea of enclosed and guarded spaces as metaphors for the interior of people, ideas and things and our struggle to unravel a truth that is often unknowable. From this work meditative forms, Portals, developed.


£50 — £850


conceptual, terracotta, porcelain, found objects, smoke firing


Ceramics, Pottery


Cathedral Portal 2015
Photographer: M. Eden
The receding cavity draws the onlooker far into the form, as clints of limestone can pull the eye deep into adjacent grikes. This piece simultaneously suggests rock formations and architectural form. It creates an enclosure whilst emphasising that protective spaces are made and needed by both humans and nature. The final chink of light can be read as a barrier or an entrance and so the piece offers both protection and opportunities.
Portal 1 2014
Photographer: M.Eden
he portals invite the eye to the inside. What lies inside is unclear and how it is read will depend upon the individual. There is no definitive explanation for the interior and what it represents; it is difficult to explain. As with many aspects of human thought and emotions it is beyond words. Small portal H: 13cm W: 9.5cm D: 3cm Terracotta crank clay 1000c, smoke fired using oak shavings + gold leaf

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