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......that Profound and Secret Mystery

About this project

This series explores the theme of the unknowable interior by creating ceramic forms that express nuances of emotion, atmosphere and ideas. The interior, or as Dickens expresses it ‘....that profound and secret mystery’ of a person or object is formed by life experiences, the events of history, the prevailing culture and individual genetic inheritances.
These themes are explored in two parts- ‘Everywoman/Everyman’ standing pieces and ‘Inheritance’ which is mostly comprised of wall pieces.


£50 — £850


ceramics, narrative, mixed media, conceptual


Ceramics, Pottery


Vessel Houses 1, 2 & 3 2017
Photographer: M.Eden
As the figure, Everywoman/Everyman, moves through life they are created and formed not only by their genetic inheritance but also by their natural and cultural environment. Some influences will constrain them and some will free them. The possibilities of what a person may become are endless and how they seem to others may be very different from how they experience themself. In these pieces Everywoman/Everyman can move freely out of their vessel but the shadow it casts must come with them. Vessel House 1 has a rich gold leaf interior. Vessel Houses 2 & 3 have a soft inky black light-absorbing internal surface. Black clay fired to 1200c, porcelain figures finished with gold leaf, brass wire & nail. All pieces maximum H:23 Dia:13cm (approx)
Heredity1: Secrets of the House Heredity 2: Broken Home
Photographer: M.Eden
The house can be read as a metaphor for family or place. It is the construct within which a life is lived and has the power to support or suffocate. in Heredity 2 the house has cracked and broken under the intensity of the fire but it has been rebuilt and, to some extent at least, it has regained its earlier form. It can provide a context and shelter for Everywoman/Everyman. Heredity1: Blackclay with porcelain figure and gold leaf. H:38.5 W:19.5 D:6.5cm Heredity2: Smoke fired porcelain clay, porcelain figure with gold leaf. H:27.5 W:23 D5cm
DNA Inheritance 4 2017
Photographer: M.Eden
(wall piece) The outer facade is richly embellished yet the base material pushes through the gilding as the apertures speak of a huge genetic inheritance and provide brief glimpses of an unknown interior. There are more questions than answers.

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