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Craft in the Anthropocene

About this project

Craft in the Anthropocene is a speculative design project which raises questions and stirs a debate around the novel theory of the Anthropocene, which is defined by the idea that man became a global geophysical force intertwined with the most powerful forces of nature.

I elaborate material tales which speculate about future potential substances to be mined in a far future.

I do not intend to solve the problems of the environmental crisis but rather to provoke a reflexion around it.


£250 — £3500


future, geology, material, experiment, experimental, art, science, collaboration, nature, manmade




Mixed Media
The Cabinet of Anthropogenic Specimen
Photographer: Yesenia Thibault-Picazo
The Anthropogenic specimen cabinet is a material library of future geology. Through the mean of materiality, these future fossils allow an audience to contextualise the premises of the Anthropocene theory and project the impact of current activities in the long term. Each specimen of the cabinet is labeled with real facts and figures of our novel era.
Car Fossil
Part of the Cabinet of Anthropogenic Specimens
Mediterranean Plastic Sediment - Part of the Cabinet of Anthropogenic Specimen
1935 items/km2 of plastic debris on seafloor in the 1990s.
I developed speculative scenarios originating from real anthropogenic events’: > the foot and mouth shade episode in UK > the Pacific plastic patch > the prolific Aluminum industry Each of the narrative was embedded into three emblematic objects : The pestle, the mortar and the vessel.
Melting Aluminium in the forge
In the making of some Aluminium specimens

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Materials Mixed Media