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Disciplines Paper, Textiles, Traditional, Design
Materials Paper, Recycled, Textiles

The Bowls of Britain Series

Disciplines Textiles, Ceramics, Pottery
Materials Textiles, Ceramics, Mixed Media, Recycled

Matrix Pendant Collection

Disciplines Design, Furniture, Textiles
Materials Mixed Media


Disciplines Textiles
Materials Textiles

DreaMelody: Patterns in Play

Disciplines Textiles, Technology, Design, Conceptual, Traditional
Materials Textiles


Disciplines Furniture
Materials Textiles, Wood, Metal

Cobweb Collection

Disciplines Textiles
Materials Textiles

Pebble Collection

Disciplines Textiles
Materials Textiles

Water Music for 'Future Heritage'

Disciplines Textiles, Technology, Design
Materials Textiles

Westmorland Lamps

Disciplines Glass
Materials Glass

CultureCraft - REclaim|REpurpose

Disciplines Design, Furniture, Conceptual, Metal work
Materials Metal, Mixed Media, Textiles, Ceramics