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Narrative Threads Solo Exhibition

Disciplines Textiles, Conceptual
Materials Textiles, Mixed Media

Narrative Jewelry: Tales from the Toolbox

Disciplines Books, Book binding, Jewellery
Materials Paper

Scraps of the Tapestry

Disciplines Ceramics, Pottery
Materials Ceramics

Crime Waves

Disciplines Conceptual, Technology, Design, Textiles
Materials Mixed Media, Textiles

Donning Oxford

Disciplines Jewellery
Materials Metal, Paper, Plastics, Mixed Media, Recycled


Disciplines Silversmithing, Automata, Jewellery
Materials Gems, Metal, Mixed Media, Plastics, Precious metal, Recycled

Textile Sculptures: Jumper Series

Disciplines Textiles, Traditional
Materials Textiles, Mixed Media, Recycled

Curious- Magnetic jewellery Collection

Disciplines Jewellery, Conceptual, Design, Silversmithing
Materials Precious metal, Plastics

The Ring Cycle

Disciplines Jewellery
Materials Precious metal, Organic Material, Textiles

All about everything

Disciplines Textiles
Materials Textiles