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'Made Modern Again' Cabinets and Chest of Drawers

Disciplines Furniture
Materials Mixed Media

Resilience & Fragility, Friendship cabinets

Disciplines Furniture, Wood, Conceptual, Design
Materials Wood, Glass, Metal

Cleft shelves

Disciplines Furniture
Materials Wood

Volumes II

Disciplines Design, Furniture, Wood
Materials Wood, Mixed Media, Metal, Leather


Disciplines Furniture, Design
Materials Wood


Disciplines Design, Furniture, Technology, Wood
Materials Wood

'PARALLELS IV' set of five wallcabinets

Disciplines Furniture, Design, Wood
Materials Wood

Out Numbered

Disciplines Paper
Materials Paper, Recycled

Bookcase/Display cabinet

Disciplines Furniture
Materials Wood

Qwerty Installation

Disciplines Ceramics, Pottery, Conceptual
Materials Ceramics, Plastics

Various products and furniture

Disciplines Wood, Furniture, Design
Materials Wood