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Heritage Collection

Disciplines Textiles, Design
Materials Paper

Landscape 2014 to Present

Disciplines Glass
Materials Glass


Disciplines Jewellery
Materials Ceramics

A Family History

Disciplines Glass, Design, Traditional
Materials Glass, Metal

Brooch project

Disciplines Jewellery
Materials Mixed Media, Metal, Wood

Landscape Studies 2012 - 2014

Disciplines Glass
Materials Glass


Disciplines Jewellery, Conceptual, Design
Materials Mixed Media


Disciplines Metal work, Traditional
Materials Mixed Media, Metal

CultureCraft - REclaim|REpurpose

Disciplines Design, Furniture, Conceptual, Metal work
Materials Metal, Mixed Media, Textiles, Ceramics

TCJE 2016 - An Artist's Power

Disciplines Conceptual, Design, Jewellery, Metal work, Stone working
Materials Gems, Metal, Stone, Textiles