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Herring Collection

Disciplines Jewellery, Design
Materials Gems, Precious metal


Disciplines Design, Metal work, Conceptual, Lettering
Materials Metal, Wood, Mixed Media

Jerwood Makers Open 2017

Disciplines Conceptual, Leather working
Materials Leather, Mixed Media, Organic Material

The Goddess

Disciplines Textiles, Design
Materials Textiles


Disciplines Design, Furniture, Technology, Wood
Materials Wood


Disciplines Design, Furniture, Technology, Wood
Materials Wood

The Plymouth Chairs

Disciplines Conceptual, Design, Furniture, Leather working, Lettering, Metal work, Technology, Wood
Materials Leather, Wood, Metal

The Art of Gold - Crafts Council of Ireland

Disciplines Leather working
Materials Precious metal

Bog Oak

Disciplines Jewellery
Materials Precious metal, Wood

Contemporary Jewellery Exchange 2015

Disciplines Jewellery
Materials Gems, Metal, Paper, Precious metal, Ceramics

Co-Operation Garnish

Disciplines Jewellery
Materials Metal, Plastics


Disciplines Jewellery, Metal work
Materials Metal, Plastics, Precious metal