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Disciplines Ceramics, Pottery
Materials Ceramics

Fragments exhibition

Disciplines Textiles
Materials Textiles

'Fragments' necklace and earrings

Disciplines Jewellery
Materials Plastics

The Collecting Instinct

Disciplines Paper, Conceptual
Materials Paper, Mixed Media, Organic Material, Recycled


Disciplines Glass, Printing
Materials Glass, Textiles, Wood

Crumpled 2

Disciplines Jewellery
Materials Precious metal

The Travel Mouse project

Disciplines Textiles, Paper, Wood
Materials Recycled, Textiles, Paper


Disciplines Conceptual
Materials Mixed Media, Recycled, Metal

Sculptural Pods

Disciplines Ceramics, Pottery
Materials Ceramics

My world is illustrated

Disciplines Paper, Printing, Textiles, Traditional, Design
Materials Textiles, Mixed Media

Museum of Conjecture. Mended Bowls.

Disciplines Ceramics, Pottery, Conceptual
Materials Ceramics, Metal


Disciplines Jewellery, Design, Metal work, Printing
Materials Metal, Mixed Media, Plastics