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Residency: National Glass Centre

Disciplines Jewellery, Glass
Materials Metal, Glass

Walton Centre Residency

Disciplines Glass
Materials Glass

Selection of traditional stained glass made for churches

Disciplines Design, Glass, Stone working
Materials Glass, Metal

Bioversity: new collab from Siobhan Healy and Alasdair Gray

Disciplines Glass
Materials Glass, Precious metal

National Glass Centre Residency

Disciplines Glass, Ceramics, Pottery, Textiles, Jewellery
Materials Ceramics, Glass, Leather, Mixed Media, Precious metal, Textiles

Context Series

Disciplines Glass
Materials Glass

Ghost Orchid

Disciplines Glass, Silversmithing, Conceptual, Jewellery, Stone working
Materials Glass, Mixed Media, Precious metal, Gems, Mixed Media

Sea Change

Disciplines Metal work, Glass, Design
Materials Glass, Metal

Landscape Studies 2012 - 2014

Disciplines Glass
Materials Glass

Genetics Residency

Disciplines Conceptual
Materials Glass, Textiles, Mixed Media, Paper

Landscape 2014 to Present

Disciplines Glass
Materials Glass

Three Commissions for Norwich Castle Museum

Disciplines Textiles, Glass
Materials Textiles, Glass