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Green Man

Disciplines Wood
Materials Wood

Pond Ripple Ring with Green Stone

Disciplines Jewellery
Materials Metal

Eroding Form: Sensing The Landscape

Disciplines Wood
Materials Wood


Disciplines Wood, Design, Conceptual
Materials Wood, Organic Material

"Out of the Woods" at The Byre, Millbrook, Cornwall

Disciplines Ceramics, Pottery
Materials Ceramics

'Field Form', Oxford

Disciplines Wood
Materials Wood, Metal


Disciplines Jewellery, Textiles, Wood
Materials Wood, Textiles, Recycled, Precious metal, Mixed Media

Patterned tables

Disciplines Furniture, Design
Materials Wood

Fylde Coast

Disciplines Wood
Materials Wood

Spiral Stair

Disciplines Wood, Wood
Materials Wood

Cherry and Leather laced bowl

Disciplines Wood, Leather working
Materials Wood, Leather

Cleft shelves

Disciplines Furniture
Materials Wood