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Corporate/Public Commissions

Disciplines Glass, Design
Materials Glass, Metal

Public art and memorials

Disciplines Lettering
Materials Stone

Salmon Run

Disciplines Furniture
Materials Metal

Public Art

Disciplines Wood, Furniture, Design
Materials Wood

Salt rakes

Disciplines Metal work, Design
Materials Metal

Rotating Sculpture

Disciplines Design, Glass, Metal work, Printing
Materials Mixed Media, Glass, Metal

Royal Victoria Hospital, Edinburgh

Disciplines Glass, Printing, Lettering
Materials Glass, Mixed Media, Plastics

'On The Streets Where We Live', HLF project

Disciplines Printing
Materials Plastics

Northern Ireland Hospice Integrated Public Arts Project

Disciplines Ceramics, Pottery, Design, Technology
Materials Ceramics, Metal, Plastics

Serpent and Staff

Disciplines Wood
Materials Wood


Disciplines Glass, Design, Metal work
Materials Glass, Metal

Selection of traditional stained glass made for churches

Disciplines Design, Glass, Stone working
Materials Glass, Metal