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Heart Necklace

Disciplines Jewellery
Materials Metal, Leather

Mulberry Table & Chairs

Disciplines Design, Furniture, Wood, Technology, Conceptual, Leather working, Metal work, Traditional
Materials Wood, Leather, Metal, Precious metal

Ceramic ring

Disciplines Jewellery, Ceramics, Pottery
Materials Ceramics, Mixed Media, Metal

For Dennis

Disciplines Ceramics, Pottery
Materials Ceramics

Urban vs. Natural

Disciplines Jewellery
Materials Metal, Wood

Tryptich Wall Art

Disciplines Ceramics, Pottery
Materials Mixed Media

Layered bangle

Disciplines Metal work, Ceramics, Pottery
Materials Metal, Ceramics

Ceramic Leaf Pendants

Disciplines Ceramics, Pottery, Jewellery
Materials Ceramics, Metal, Precious metal

Ceramic Leaf Dinner Ware

Disciplines Ceramics, Pottery
Materials Ceramics

Insects & flowers

Disciplines Ceramics, Pottery
Materials Ceramics

Material Landscape

Disciplines Silversmithing, Jewellery, Metal work, Conceptual
Materials Metal, Mixed Media, Organic Material, Precious metal

Centaurus Voile & Vulpecula Wallpaper

Disciplines Paper, Textiles, Design, Printing
Materials Textiles, Paper