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Flight Collection

Disciplines Design, Jewellery, Metal work

Matrix Standing Light Collection

Disciplines Design, Furniture, Textiles
Materials Mixed Media, Metal

'Birds With Bowl And Cat' Birmingham Botanical Gardens.

Disciplines Mosaic, Design, Ceramics, Pottery, Glass
Materials Ceramics, Glass

Emotional Repair solo exhibition

Disciplines Textiles, Conceptual, Printing
Materials Textiles, Mixed Media

The Beauty of Stains

Disciplines Textiles, Conceptual
Materials Textiles

Planet Mars colonisation & Algae project

Disciplines Jewellery, Silversmithing, Conceptual, Design, Metal work, Technology
Materials Gems, Stone, Precious metal, Recycled, Metal


Disciplines Design, Metal work, Conceptual, Lettering
Materials Metal, Wood, Mixed Media


Disciplines Design, Furniture, Jewellery, Metal work, Silversmithing
Materials Metal, Organic Material, Paper, Plastics, Recycled, Precious metal, Wood

Indiranagar Floor Art

Disciplines Textiles, Design, Traditional
Materials Textiles

Krokbragd Rugs

Disciplines Textiles, Traditional, Design
Materials Textiles

Textile Sculptures: Jumper Series

Disciplines Textiles, Traditional
Materials Textiles, Mixed Media, Recycled

Collection Gaia

Disciplines Silversmithing, Jewellery, Design
Materials Gems, Precious metal, Recycled