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Vessels | 2017

Disciplines Wood
Materials Wood

Vessels | 2018

Disciplines Wood
Materials Wood

Elm Bowl

Disciplines Wood, Design
Materials Wood


Disciplines Conceptual, Design, Furniture, Wood, Traditional, Metal work
Materials Wood, Mixed Media, Metal


Disciplines Metal work, Wood, Conceptual
Materials Wood, Metal, Mixed Media

Kitchen Utensils

Disciplines Wood
Materials Wood, Mixed Media

White // Wood

Disciplines Design, Jewellery, Textiles, Wood
Materials Metal, Mixed Media, Organic Material, Paper, Recycled, Wood


Disciplines Conceptual, Wood, Metal work
Materials Wood, Metal

Flow Lamps

Disciplines Design, Furniture, Wood
Materials Wood

Small Things

Disciplines Design, Wood, Furniture, Metal work
Materials Wood, Leather, Metal, Recycled

Carved Panels

Disciplines Wood
Materials Wood, Mixed Media


Disciplines Wood, Glass
Materials Glass, Wood