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Crafts Council

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  • The amount of toxic clay produced in the manufacture of a single smart phone is moulded into a traditional Ming vase form. Film still © Toby Smith/Unknown Fields
  • A Chinese factory worker assembles the components of our tech gadgets along a conveyor belt that stretches from Inner Mongolia to a London retail store. Film still. © Toby Smith/Unknown Fields
  • Unknown Fields collecting radioactive tailings material from besides the worlds largest rare earth minerals refinery in Inner Mongolia. Film still © Toby Smith/Unknown Fields
  • Radiation scientists test the toxic clay collected from the tailings lake and find it to be 3 times background radiation. Film still © Toby Smith/Unknown Fields
  • Rare Earthenware, Unknown Fields Division with ceramicist Kevin Callaghan, 2014–5, black stoneware and radioactive mine tailings, © Toby Smith