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Flourish: A two day conference to ignite your creative business ambitions

Photos: Simon Webb and Sophie Mutevelian

Armourers Hall, London,19-20 April 2017

The Talent Development team at Crafts Council brings you leading industry experts so you can share, debate and network; providing you with a vital set of action points and links that will cultivate and shape your creative practice. 

When and Where?

Monday 19 - Tuesday 20 June 2017
9.30am - 5pm

Armourers Hall, 81 Coleman Street, London, EC2R 5BJ
Nearest tube: Moorgate

What should you expect?

The event will ignite your creative ambitions by bringing together leading industry experts to help you start, build and sustain a successful business. Topics will range from practical advice on finance and copyright laws to how you create a strong brand identity and build resilience into your business. The keynote address come from Christian Manz, award-winning visual effects artist; and speakers from Foxall Studio: Briffa: Creative Industries Finance: and of course the Crafts Council. Come and share, debate and network over the two days. 

Topics Covered:

  • Marketing and Social Media: How to make your work stand out
  • Working with Galleries
  • Working with Manufacturers
  • Ways to increase sales
  • Intellectual Property and Copyright
  • Packaging and Shipping: How to make your work safe in transit
  • Commissioning
  • Understanding the best pricing for your work
  • Best ways to present applications
  • How to pitch your work
  • How to grow your workforce
  • Making for the commercial sector
  • Working internationally
  • Residencies
  • Employment Law
  • Maintaining credibility on large scale production
  • Protecting your business - Creating a proactive IP Strategy for growth post Brexit


  • Andrew Foxall, Creative Director, Foxall Studio (Branding, Graphic Design, Digital, Publishing)
  • Angel Monzon, Creative Director, Vessel Gallery
  • Annie Warburton, Creative Director, Crafts Council
  • Barbara Gunter-Jones, Textiles and Creative Industries Consultant Specialising in Contemporary Craft
  • Charles Dedman, Furniture
  • Christian Manz, Visual Effects Supervisor, VOLTAIRE and Creative Director Frame Store, Bafta nominee
  • Christine Zembrzuski, Intellectual Property Solicitor, Briffa
  • Clare Cumberlidge, Founding Director, Thirteen Ways (Communications for Creative and Cultural Organisations)
  • Claire Curneen, Ceramics
  • Dids MacDonald, CEO, ACID (Anti Copying in Design)
  • Emily Gardiner, Ceramics
  • Emily Johnson, 1882 Ltd (Design-led Ceramics)
  • Dr Gian Luca Amadei, Programme Manager, Design, British Council
  • Giles Miller, Surface, Material and Sculptural Work
  • Helen Kemp, Founder, Just Got Made
  • Hugh Miller, Furniture
  • Jake Hayes, Intellectual Property Solicitor, Briffa
  • Jill Read, Head of Communications, Crafts Council
  • Keith Brymer-Jones, Ceramics
  • Laura Carderera, Residencies, V&A
  • Lynne Elvins, Design Strategist and Project Manager, Design Rally
  • Margo Selby, Textiles
  • Mel Howse, Architectural Art, Glass
  • Ndidi Ekubia, Silversmith
  • Nitin Goyal, Textiles
  • Oscar Lhermitte, Product Design
  • Rosy Greenlees, Executive Director, Crafts Council
  • Sarah Thirtle, Director of Business Support Programmes, Creative United
  • Silvia Weidenbach, Jewellery

Who should be attending? 

This event has been structured to ensure there will be something for everyone, alongside an excellent opportunity to meet other makers.  This informal and engaging two days will ignite confidence in attendees so that they may be active in conversation, debate and be inspired. Mornings will provide you with key food for thought and afternoons enable you to discuss key questions about your practice with other delegates, experts and the Crafts Council Talent Development team on how you can take the next steps. 

If you want to make a significant difference to your craft business this year, attend this two day Crafts Council event.

***Directory makers: Get £25 off on two-day tickets! Please email for discount code***