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Make:Shift:Do at De La Warr Pavillion

Join in with the Crafts Council’s annual festival of new making, and create innovative, beautiful...

make:shift:do, workshop, learning, participation

Make:Shift:Do at DoES Liverpool (Workshop)

Sublime Heartbeats DoES Liverpool is a community of people with a diverse range of skills and interests. By...

DoES Liverpool make:shift:do, learning, participation, workshop

Make:Shift:Do at FabLab Sandwell (Workshop)

Build a Robot Build an autonomous Robot to navigate around the Fab Lab. Participants will be introduced to...

Fab Lab West Midlands make:shift:do, participation, learning, workshop

Make:Shift:Do at This Art of Mine

Flashing felt firefly - Combining electronics with textiles. Merge electronics with textiles by using...

This Art of Mine workshop, make:shift:do, participation, learning

Make:Shift:Do at The Fusion Lab room, Makerversity

RE~MASTER Embroidery Hack Workshop RE~MASTER Embroidery Hack Workshop will explore new ways to engage with...

Makerversity workshop, learning, participation, make:shift:do

Make:Shift:Do at Wythenshawe Forum Centre

Crafting Science Stories As part of the Crafts Council's Make:Shift:Do and Manchester Science...

Wythenshawe Forum Centre make:shift:do, participation, workshop, learning