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Talking With Confidence About Your Work

Would you like to get the attention of potential clients, gallerists, and media at fairs and public events?

Do you lack confidence in talking to people about your work? 

People are interested in the whole package of you and your work – getting their attention involves talking to them and letting them see a human story.

Why should you attend?

  • Hear from others what works
  • Focus on the factors that matter most to potential clients, galleries, and the media
  • Practise talking about your work – that’s how you start building confidence

Who is speaking?

  • Julia Bindman, is a strategy consultant and trainer who helps organisations and individuals to solve problems. Julia now has 20 years of experience in helping people not only to express their ideas but also to convert them into actions.  She has created this workshop with the Crafts Council especially for makers.
  • Experienced makers showing how they discuss their work with clients, galleries and the media.

Please bring:

  • A sample of your work (or material sample), this should be an object that you do not mind being handled and easily transportable (ideally no bigger than 15cm in diameter)
  • A digital device with an accessible series/portfolio of images of your work (please do not rely on Internet connection!!!)
  • and/or a quality printed piece of marketing material showcasing your work (e.g. printed postcard, catalogue, brochure)

Tea and coffee will be provided at the start of the session and during the afternoon break. 

**£5 Discount for Directory Makers, please email for more information**

This ‘Talking with confidence about your work’ workshop is part of a series of workshops and events designed by the Crafts Council to provide makers with skills to export and promote their work successfully