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Ceramic studio membership, North Greenwich, London Se18


The opportunity to join as a member in a professional ceramic studio for a part time potter will be available from December '17.

The studio is shared with a maximum of three other ceramicists and it's equipped with sink with hot water, electric kiln, wheel, individual workspace and storage space plus shared dedicated shelves for ongoing works, green ware, bisque ware, glazed works. The place is located inside a great artist studios site along the Thames within a vibrant creative community, with access to facilities and a canteen. There will be an open studio per year when you could display and sell your works. There will be a refundable deposit of £600 and the rent for the only use of the facility is £220 per month in advance for a minimum of three months contract and two months notice. There will be a firing service. Firings can be shared and are charged separately according to the effective power consumption plus a fixed cost for kiln maintenance.

How to Apply

If interested please get in touch, email: babaceramicsstudio@gmail.com