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Crafts Council

Collection Ateliers d’art de France

Situated in the heart of Paris, in Le Marais, Collection Ateliers d’Art de France’s gallery showcases contemporary applied arts exhibiting works of both established and emergent talents, with a wide variety of expertise.

Chloé Peytermann, Meteora (garnet), 2015, 30×30x12 cm, Sandstone bowl, enamel, slip, diamond sanding, thermoformed olyethylene Terephthalate, paint, Photo: Philippe Mesnard

Chloé Peytermann was born in 1982. She is Swiss and French. She completed her training as a potter and ceramist in Antibes and received her BA in ceramics at the renowned CERCCO Institute in Geneva. She then worked at the CERCCO Institute as an assistant to Setsuko Nagasawa, Magdalena Gerber, Philippe Barde and Christian Gonzenbach. Her works were exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in Switzerland and abroad.

Chloé Peytermann’s work has always focused on familiar everyday objects, created with ease. Ceramic material was, for her, a gentle revelation, something instinctive and natural. Each of her works is a little world, dreamlike or cosmic, increasing the potential of the ceramic material a little more each time. Her bubbled creations and landscapes are an attempt to reconcile order and disorder, form and fusion, flaws and sensual pleasure. A quest for raw beauty that brings rare objects, as if suspended, into our hands; the material is fixed in its primitive transformations so it can be offered up to our senses with gentleness and colour. Ceramics as a desire for "rich simplicity".