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Crafts Council

Bullseye Projects

Bullseye Projects explores contemporary glass with makers, designers and viewers of all ages. 

We create meaningful experiences with Bullseye glass by offering exhibitions promoting exemplary art, design and architecture in glass; touring exhibitions and educational programming; hands-on making and learning experiences; arts events encouraging exploration and dialogue; artist residencies in Bullseye’s facilities across the US; assistance to artists seeking public commissions; and collaboration with museums, schools, and arts organizations around the world. Bullseye Projects is part of Bullseye Glass Company, 

Greenblue Vessel Form, Ashraf Hanna, 2016.

“My main practice is in ceramics, but I discovered kiln-cast glass during my MA at the Royal College of Art in London. I felt compelled to respond to the material qualities of glass. I have since concentrated on developing vessel forms that explore the physical relationships which develop when juxtaposing soft fluid curves against the constraints of formal geometric lines.”— Ashraf Hanna