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Crafts Council

Cass Sculpture Foundation

Cass Sculpture Foundation is a not-for-profit commissioning and educational organisation that provides a platform for artists to achieve new levels of ambition and share their work with a wider audience.

Bedwyr Williams, Bedwyr, 2015, Stoneware, glazed ceramic, H18 x W24 x D24 cm. Photo: Barney Hindle

Bedwyr Williams is interested in the friction between the deadly serious and the banal aspects of modern life. His self-titled pickling jars are taken from his earlier film Century Egg, in which he assumes the personae of a Neolithic bog man. Recent solo shows include Barbican Curve Gallery, London, UK; Limoncello, London, UK; The Whitworth, Manchester, UK; VISUAL, Carlow, Republic of Ireland; g39, Cardiff, UK; Vestjyllands Kunstpavillion, Denmark.