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Crafts Council


JAPANPAGE/CraftMeet specialises in applied arts from the world of Japanese traditional crafts.

JAPANPAGE tells the story of Japan’s astonishing local treasures, helping users discover contemporary value in local Japanese scenes rich with heritage. Under Japanese law, there are 225 certified traditional crafts. Collaborating with both local and national governments, JAPANPAGE unearths the best-kept secrets of Japanese craftsmanship. CraftMeet is a JAPANPAGE programme that features artisanal works made with ultimate techniques and surprising hand-made methods from among those 225. The collection includes works by Living National Treasure artists, pottery made using techniques with a 800-year history, and jewel beetle-wing lacquerware with a 1,300-year history—all at the nexus of contemporary art and time-honoured tradition.

Toshiaki Tateno Shining Cylinder, 2015, Jewel beetle-wing lacquer, urushi lacquer and gold, 76 x 122 cm