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Crafts Council

Gallery S O

Gallery S O’s main focus is exploring the potentialities of the contemporary object and the interplay of function, form and concept.

As well as representing internationally renewed jewellery and metalwork artists, Gallery S O organises temporary art and design exhibitions in its unique project space and aims 
to provide a space for a fruitful dialogue between different artistic disciplines.

Christian Gonzenbach Hanabi 3, 2016, H37 x W19 xD18 cm, Photo: the artist and Gallery S O

The word ‘hanabi’ means ‘fireworks’ in Japanese: ‘hana’ is flower and ‘hi’ is fire, so ‘hanabi’ means ‘fire-flower’. The ready-made vases are filled with melted aluminium. The hot metal (about 800°C) makes the vases crack. The cracked pieces are hold together with aluminium like lead is used to make stained glass. Emerging from the vase, the solidified cloud of aluminium resembles a mineral flower, not so far from Ikebana.