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Crafts Council


jaggedart is renowned for its unique and very definite style, showcasing beautiful, intricate and sophisticated works of art. 

Our interest lies mainly in the unusual and beautiful use of material. Ceramic, grasses, wood, paper or textiles are used in innovative ways in works that offer a poetic perspective on the familiar, a new life or reading for the obvious, re-discovering a forgotten elegance.

jaggedart, Valéria Nascimento Botanica (detail), 2016 Porcelain

Ceramic installation artist Valéria Nascimento will launch her first jewellery collection, Botanica, a limited collection of spectacular rings, brooches and necklaces that combine wood and porcelain, displayed as part of an installation. The durability and noble character of the wood complements the delicacy and lightness of the porcelain. Each unique piece is nestled in an elegant wooden base, so it becomes an artwork when not worn. Attention to detail, knowledge of materials and passionate craftsmanship come together in these exquisite yet dramatic pieces, which echo shapes and forms from the natural world.