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Crafts Council

Korea Craft and Design Foundation

Korea Craft & Design Foundation (KCDF) is a public organisation under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in South Korea.

Founded to promote and support Korean craft and design, KCDF plays an important role in developing a global awareness and understanding of Korea’s rich craft and design heritage. The organisation provides craftsmen, designers, cultural experts and professionals in both academic and industrial fields, with opportunities to experience Korean culture through design objects, many of which remain at the heart of Korean daily life. In addition, it pursues a variety of projects relating to research, exhibitions, 

Hae-cho Chung, Rhythm the Y.G.B, 2015  H40×W30×D30 cm Ottchil, hemp cloth  Photo: Woojin Park

Hae-cho Chung is a master of Ottchil, the traditional Korean natural lacquer technique. Born in South Korea, Chung graduated from the nation’s finest arts college, Hongik University, in 1972 and went on to teach. He later became dean of Pai Chai University, where he established the world’s first Ottchil art department and the Ottchil Institute. His work is held in key public collections such as the V&A, the British Museum, Philadelphia Museum of Art and The National Museum of Korea.