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Crafts Council

Maison Parisienne

The only exceptional thing is talent, and the talent of French craftsmen stands out in this respect, combining culture and tradition, knowledge and expertise.

Maison parisienne offers a collection of rare objects resulting from the passion and know-how of a handful of craftsmen and women who, each within their own sphere, create and make the most exceptional and most beautiful items. All items are unique, fed by the talent of French artists and their passionate love of beautiful work and costly materials. Maison Parisienne reveals and rediscovers a French lifestyle that is as audacious and contemporary

Simone Pheulpin,  Anfractuosité, 2015 Cotton L30 x W40 cm, Photo: Maison Parisienne

“The fold is the motion. The eye can follow the paths taken by the sheath as the cloth meanders and winds about. The fold is the shape of memory itself. It narrates what is happening. It tells what took place here and there. The fold is not an image, it is an act. In this multiplication of folds and these gestures repeated again and again lies the memory of motion. Whether the folds are tight or loose, regular or irregular, the technique of folding implies compressing, tightening, and bending the material upon itself. Depending upon the style of fold, the results look different: scenes of rocky landscapes with faults running through; effects of clusters of dapples; simulacra of foam or froth; impressions of fossils.” — Simone Pheulpin