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Crafts Council

Officine Saffi

Officine Saffi is an experimental hub dedicated to contemporary ceramics.

The project consists of an art gallery for exhibitions showing works by international artists, and a lab for courses and workshops, which is also used for the artist in residency programme. It also produces art catalogues and a quarterly magazine named LA ceramica. Officine Saffi is a point of reference for contemporary ceramics, with a mission to enhancing the medium’s significance in the areas of art, design and architecture.

Sangwoo Kim Moon, 2013 H30 x W30 xD 30 cm, Porcelain, Photo: Rebecca Maeder

“The conception of my work comes from riverside gravels and tombstones. Such natural phenomena as rain, wind and soil, as they stream and crash for long durations, cause gravel to be rounded. This natural round shape is beautiful, because it comes from daily experiences. My daily life also gets natural beauty from my experiences: what I see, hear, try, and think. I tried to express the natural beauty of gravels and my idea of life. I believe that my various experiences, be they sweet or bitter, make my life more interesting and more beautiful. This work is my view of human life.” — Sangwoo Kim