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Crafts Council

Sokyo Gallery

Sokyo Gallery specialises in contemporary sculptural ceramics, lacquer, metals, glass, photography and other experimental works with the aim of integrating them into people’s lives. The gallery represents established and emerging artists in and out of Japan.

Osamu Kojima Nostalgia16-TWt01, 2016 H130 x W136 x D93 cm, Ceramic/glass, Tsai Kuen-Long

“People often wonder if my work is influenced by natural scenery, but I interpret my Nostalgia series in the context of artificial products, which symbolise technology in this civilised society. Manufactured materials carry memories of human life; even ruins still emit the light of civilization. Nostalgia  is a contemporary landscape that evokes memories of past human history. Some day the things built by humans – such as nations and society – will collapse. The prosperity of human society cannot last forever, as it is not perfect. I believe aesthetics lie in these imperfections as well.” — Osamu Kojima