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Crafts Council Collective

Crafts Council Collective

Crafts Council Collective is a programme of CPD provision for makers. It comprises five programmes of support for makers: Craft Rally, Hothouse, Portfolio, Injection and Artistic Licence.

Crafts Council Collective
-Provides greater opportunities for more makers to engage with the Crafts Council and benefit from its schemes
-Creates a new balance between direct programme delivery by the Crafts Council and enabling others to deliver in association with us

Developing Collective
Collective was launched in 2009, following a period of research and evaluation into the Crafts Council’s then programme of support for makers.

The Maker Development Team developed a programme that is relevant and responsive to makers’ working practice in the 21st Century. It offers makers greater choice about how and when they undertake professional development; and gives greater access to our support and in less prescriptive ways. It also continues to demonstrate high quality models of practice and encourage ambassadors for the sector.

In 2010 we launched and piloted three of the programme strands. Three Craft Rally events have taken place in London, Sheffield and Manchester attended by over 200 makers. Find out more about these and join Craft Rally on-line here.

Hothouse ran with two very successful partnerships in Farnham and London, supporting 17 makers. Read more about these here.

Finally we piloted Creative Catalyst, the first strand of Portfolio, working with Creativity, Culture and Education this assisted 10 established makers to diversify their practice to engage as effective creative stimulants within primary and secondary education. Working alongside formal educators to enhance and develop creative and cultural learning practice through their own creativity, practical skills and material knowledge.

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Some of the documents used to develop and which continue to inform Collective can be found below. These include an evaluation and the benchmarking report commissioned on Next Move and Crafts Council Development Award, the longest running and best known Maker Development programmes.

Creative and Cultural Skills, Crafts Blueprint, 2009
Creative Graduates Creative Futures (CGCF), Ball, Pollard and Stanley, 2010
Crafting Futures, Hunt, Ball, Pollar, 2010
Making Value: craft & the economic and social contribution of makers, Mary Schwartz and Dr Karen Yair, 2010

Download documents

  • Pulling the Threads

    Crafts Council Development Award Research Report

    Download (2628KB Pdf File)
  • Next Move Evaluation Final Report

    Download (1780KB Pdf File)

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