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Research Documents

Find, and download, research reports commisioned by the Crafts Council.

Making It Local: what does this mean in the context of contemporary craft?

This report helps to identify and define how the notion of ‘place’ is interpreted and expressed across the contemporary craft sector and in the role of making.  It also explores how the changing concept of ‘local’ is impacting on the business models and practices of UK craft makers.

The study provides a flavour of the breadth of business models and practices contemporary UK crafts-makers are adopting in response to a number of identified macro-level challenges.  The examples presented demonstrate that rather than becoming less significant, ‘place’ and the ‘local’ in contemporary craft-making are becoming ever more important.

Studying craft: trends in craft education and training

The Studying Craft report is research commissioned by the Crafts Council and is a comprehensive examination of contemporary craft education in England.

The research examined all stages of formal education and training from Key Stage 4 to postgraduate study to look at provision and participation in craft courses for the last five academic years.

Read the Studying Craft press release

Research Reports