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Crafts Council

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CC staff welcome delegates to Make:Shift. Photo: Tas Kyprianou


Jill Read, Head of Communications

Malaika Byng, Head of Editorial

Louise Kelly, Marketing Manager

Chloe Patrickson, Marketing Officer

Francesca Glass, Digital Marketing Officer

Sara Khan, Content Producer

Clement Juillard, Digital Manager

Joana Matos, Database Manager

Maria Ingouville, Communications Coordinator


Andy McGlynn, Development Director

Scarlett Millar, Development Manager – Major Donors and Patrons

Claire Brooke, Development Manager – Trusts and Foundations

Aysen Yilmaz, Creative Partnerships Consultant



Isobel Dennis, Collect Fair Director

Mel Spencer, Director of Delivery

Daniella Wells, Galleries Liaison

Rachael Baker, Collect Fair Officer

Florence Moore, Collect Fair Coordinator

Helen Gaffney, Collect Audience Development Coordinator

Crafts Council Directory

Amelia Lawrence, Subscriptions Officer

Exhibitions & Collections

Annabelle Campbell, Head of Exhibitions and Collections

Deborah Ridley, Collections Manager

Fei Tse, Collections Documentation Officer

Ashley Fernandez, Touring and Loans Manager

Sarah Turner, Exhibitions Project Curator

Ulrich Gamper, Exhibitions Project Curator

Maddie McCann, Exhibitions and Collections Coordinator

Eleanor Hayes, Touring and Loans Coordinator


Adele Hill-King, Finance Manager

Mary Pearce, Finance Officer

Dee Phillips, Finance Assistant


Victoria Rice, Executive Assistant​

Georgina Lyttelton, Reception & Resources Admin Assistant

May San Wong, Reception & Resources Admin Assistant


Alma Daskalaki, Innovation Manager

Learning & Talent Development

Nicky Dewar, Head of Learning & Talent Development

Zoe Dennington, Learning & Participation Manager

Rosie Mitchell, Young People’s Producer

Nick Kidd, Learning Coordinator

Joanne Haywood, Make Your Future Project Manager

Caroline Jackman, Talent Development Manager

Katia Stewart, Talent Development Manager 

Anne-Laure Cano, Talent Development Coordinator

Rosalind Price-Cousins, Talent Development Coordinator


Malaika Byng, Head of Editorial

Caroline Roux, Interim Editor, Crafts magazine

Alice Morby, Interim Assistant Editor, Crafts magazine

Guy Porter, Production Executive, Crafts magazine

Amelia Lawrence, Subscriptions Officer, Crafts magazine

Research & Policy

Julia Bennett, Head of Research and Policy