Crafts Council Annual Report 2014/15 - page 10

Crafts Council
Legacy: Two
Works on Hope
Curated in partnership with Forty
Hall & Estate,Legacy made its debut
at COLLECT 2014. Marking the
centenary of the start of the First
WorldWar,the show juxtaposed
work by two of the UK’s leading
ceramic artists:Clare Twomey
and Julian Stair.
Twomey’s Everyman’s Dream
was created after the artist asked
1,000 men a simple question:
‘What would you like to be left as
your legacy?’ In the second half
of the installation,Reliquary for
a Common Man by Julian Stair took
the universal theme of death as
its subject.
The piece centres around Stair’s
late uncle-in-law Leslie James Cox.
At its heart is a single hand-thrown
bone china cinerary jar, created
using Cox’s ashes,shown with
film footage.
After COLLECT it ran from
5August – 2 November at Forty Hall
& Estate,Enfield,and Reliquary
for a Common Man was acquired
for the Crafts Council Collection.
Works on Hope and
Memory at COLLECT
for a Common Man
(detail),Julian Stair,
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