Crafts Council Annual Report 2014/15 - page 5

Annual Review
Our aims:
To champion and show high-quality craft,
nationally and internationally.
To build a strong economy and infrastructure
for craft.
To increase and diversify the audience for
contemporary craft.
We believe:
That craft plays a dynamic and vigorous role
in the UK’s social, economic and cultural life.
That everyone should have the opportunity
to make, see, collect and learn about craft.
That the strength of craft lies in its use of
traditional and contemporary techniques,
ideas and materials to make extraordinary
and innovative newwork.
That the future of craft lies in nurturing talent
and providing access to excellent teaching and
learning opportunities for all ages.
A visitor views
Everyman’s Dream
Twomey, 2013.Part
of Legacy:TwoWorks
on Hope and Memory
at COLLECT 2014.
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