Crafts Council Annual Report 2014/15 - page 6

2014/15 has been an exhilarating year for the Crafts Council.
Our energy and expertise this year has focused on four key areas:
growing our audiences, launching our Innovation programme,
producing a new education manifesto for making, and ensuring
our resilience as an organisation.
We’ve taken more craft to more people in more places than ever
before.We’ve produced outstanding touring exhibitions that have
travelled the length and breadth of the nation, taking the message
of making to huge (and often new) audiences. An estimated
2.3 million people visited one of the 40 shows and exhibitions the
Crafts Council was involved in over the past 12 months and saw
our Collection in public spaces. Seventy per cent of our work was
delivered outside of the capital, with touring exhibitions travelling
toWolverhampton, Sunderland and Plymouth among others.
Long term loans from our Collection were shown across the
country and our research and policy work enabled the craft
sector to make its voice heard.
Innovation is key to the future of craft. In September 2014 Ed Vaizey,
Minister of State for Culture and the Digital Economy, launched our
innovation programme, with the Make:Shift conference in November
2014 as the focal point. Make:Shift:Do, our nationwide festival of
making, took place everywhere from Basildon to Blackpool,
attracting 2,500 participants at 20 venues.We re-launched our
website, giving it a new editorially-driven focus, and recording
770,000 users, with our social media channels providing new
opportunities for conversations across the sector too.
Crafts Council
An ExhilaratingYear
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