Crafts Council Annual Report 2014/15 - page 7

Annual Review2014/15
Education and talent development are at the core of everything the
organisation does, whether it’s nurturing the nation’s future stars
through our Hothouse scheme, creating a mentoring programme
for mid-career makers, and supporting Craft Clubs in schools
nationwide.We consulted with colleagues across the sector on
trends in education, and in November launched Our Future is in
the Making, an education manifesto for craft and making, at the
House of Commons, as a core part of our work to halt the alarming
decline of making in schools and universities across the UK.
We’ve also taken steps to make the organisation more economically
resilient, decanting our staff from the main building on Pentonville
Road into a smaller space on the same site. The move allows us to
rent the remaining offices, making us financially more robust at a
time when all publicly-funded organisations need to provide real
value for money. It also marks the beginning of a long-term plan
that will see the ground floor spaces refurbished and brought back
into public use.
It has been an extraordinary year, one that we believe has
strengthened the nation’s craft infrastructure, increased and
diversified its audience and illustrated exactly how important
making is to the nation’s economy. The cultural impact of craft
is higher than ever and we intend to keep it that way.
Professor Geoffrey Crossick,Chair
Rosy Greenlees,Executive Director
Allsopp and Rosy
Greenlees at the
launch of the Crafts
Council’s Education
Manifesto at the
House of Commons,
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